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Greetings from CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA! From our leaves of grass to our softball field of dreams, we provide the ultimate camping experience for the literately oriented. We know that the writing life is a sedentary, solitary, sickly experience, which is why our counselors and staff are trained to gently acquaint our campers with unfamiliar concepts like fresh air, sunlight, weenie roasts, and trees. At CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA, you’ll enjoy the wind in the willows, everyone eats shoots and leaves, and it’s always okay to kill a mockingbird.


CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA includes all the amenities that a vacationing writer could want. Take a walk in the woods, where the hours will feel like one hundred years of sollutude. Escape from the sound and the fury as you contemplate the sheltering sky while consulting a cloud atlas. When the bell tolls for lunch, enjoy a moveable feast of fried green tomatoes, madeleines, big fish, and perhaps a taste of blackberries or a clockwork orange (note: oranges are not the only fruit). End the day sitting around a pale fire, trying to understand why twilight is so popular (note: the sun also rises).



Special Activities:

  • Horseback Writing
  • Arts and Crafts:
  • - Wallets that are perpetually empty
  • - Rejection letter cozy
  • - Pencils refurbished from other pencils angrily snapped in half
  • - Typewriter ribbon lanyards
  • - Erasers rendered from the boiled fat of book critics
  • - Writers’ block whittling
  • Writer vs. Editor Tug-of-Wars
  • Canoeing
  • Writing, Revising, Rewriting, "Punching Up," and Redrafting Letters Home
  • Bird by Bird Watching





Download the full brochure here!

Stay tuned next Wednesday to get your daily schedule and map of camp grounds! 


*CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA is a weekly 8-part series where Quirk Books staffers reimagine famous authors as pre-teens, stuck together at summer camp. It is also an entirely fictional place. Please don't have your parents drop you off at our offices with sleeping bags. 

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